Are Keratin Supplements Effective for Hair Growth?

Keratin is basically a protein found naturally in skin, teeth, hair and nails. There are different types of keratin that work together for making tough fibrous and strong proteins. Keratin 14 and keratin 5 work together for supporting skin flexibility and elasticity. There are other keratins that work together for forming hard fibrous strands of nails and hair. Keratin supplements are taken for supporting healthy nails, hair and skin. Keratin hair supplements are available in pill form or as ingestibles and they go a long way in offering shiny and smooth hair. However, the main question here is do keratin supplements work effectively towards promoting the growth of healthy hair?

How do Keratin Supplements Work?

Keratin is found in the form of a protein supplements in the hair strands. Topical keratin hair supplements and treatments help in strengthening and nourishing the hair strands with proteins. Keratin hair supplements come as a perfect combination of soluble keratin like herbs and nutriceuticals that come with the claims of offering great hair nourishment. The supplements also contain collagen that boosts the strength and the elasticity of hair. It has been proven through clinical studies that supplementing the hair with keratin for more than 3 to 4 months can decrease instances of hair loss and also help in promoting the strength of hair. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that keratin hair supplements are less common and not a very popular hair loss alternative. There is more research being done in this field in order to know the long-term and the short-term effects of taking keratin hair supplements.

The Risk Factors Involved

As is the case with almost any ingestible, even keratin hair supplements need to be used moderately and only as instructed on the label. It is necessary for you to take the advice of a doctor if you have any doubts regarding the use of keratin supplements and whether they would suit your hair or not. The risk factors of using keratin supplements in excess are as follows:


Since keratin is a protein, taking it in excess can result in excessive protein within the body resulting in a condition known as Proteinuria. It is a condition that is characterized by excessive amounts of protein in human urine. Excessive protein within the body might take a toll on the kidneys because of the pressure of extra work exerted on the kidneys. This might also result in renal insufficiency. If renal insufficiency is left untreated, it might result in complete failure of the kidney.


This is a condition caused due to the body making excessive keratin or ingesting excessive keratin. This condition might manifest as thick, rough dry skin and coarse hair texture. Therefore, the use of keratin hair supplements must be stopped if individuals identify the symptoms of hyperkeratosis.


From the above illustration, it can rightly be said that keratin supplements are definitely effective for hair growth but at the same time they must be taken moderately in order to avoid unwanted problems.

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