Do Supplements Work If You Have Lost Hair Due to Any Disease?

There are a large number of companies that sell supplements and other products claiming to stop hair loss and grow hair. But, do supplements work if you have lost hair because of a certain disease?  Yes, there are supplements that work for individuals who have lost hair because of a certain disease. It is just that the supplements that work for such conditions need to be chosen carefully. Whether you are a female or a male, there are several things that you should do and certain things that you must not do in order to avoid hair loss.

Knowing the Cause of Your Hair Loss is Important

At one point of life, almost every individual loses some hair. However, there are instances when people lose hair because of some disease. Rarely is there a person who reaches fifty years of age with the same amount of hair on his or her head. With odds like these and given that hair is one of the most important parts of how attractive an individual feels, at some point, people are bound to ask if there is something available that can help them grow more hair? Prior to asking a hair stylist or searching online for hair growing solutions, it is important for you to know the cause behind your loss of hair at the first place. If you know the cause, it will help you in dealing with your hair loss problem in a more satisfactory manner. Knowing the cause of your hair loss will help you in slowing down the procedure. Also, if you find that the cause behind your hair loss is a disease, you can easily consult a doctor and get some medicines and supplements prescribed that can stop hair loss.

Are Supplements or Vitamins Helpful for Hair Loss Due to Disease?

Given the large number of supplements, plant extracts and vitamins coming with the claims of boosting hair growth, you might think that there would not be a thinning head of hair or receding hairline anywhere to be found but this is not the reality. While studies show that there are certain plant extracts might be of good help in stopping hair loss caused due to any disease but the results have not been confirmed still. Coming to supplements and vitamins for hair growth, if you are not seriously deficient in vitamins, there is not a single study that shows any vitamins or a blend of supplements and vitamins can bring about changes in hair thinning. However, if you are truly deficient in vitamins, it is necessary for you to get hold of the right vitamin that you are lacking in. This is due to the fact that hair loss would be at least one of the problems caused due to this vitamin deficiency.


Thus, it can rightly be concluded that supplements can help in stopping hair loss caused due to any disease but making the right choice is quite important. Only if you are deficient in the vitamins needed for hair growth, will the hair growth supplements work for you. Otherwise, you need to get a specific hair loss supplement prescribed by your doctor for hair loss caused due to the general diseases.

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