Essential Tips for American Women to Grow Hair Faster

Human hair generally grows around half inch per month irrespective of race. Hair growth occurs with the dead layers of keratin being pushed up and completely out of the hair follicles by the living cells that lie below. The hair follicle shape which is genetically determined generally forms the structural shape of hair. American women generally have elliptical shaped, thin hair follicles that form curly and fine hair strands that entangle each other very easily. Thus, it can be said that American women have fragile strands of hair that can break very easily. Therefore, it is very important for American women to follow a hair maintenance and care regiment that helps them in protecting hair breakage and also results in faster hair growth. By following the tips mentioned below, American women can easily maximize their hair growth and get healthy and long hair.

Eating Right

It is very important for American women to eat the right things in order to foster hair growth and protect their hair from breakage. Since they have fragile hair, it is necessary for them to have a diet that works towards producing the required keratin and the protein building blocks that make up the hair strands and protect hair from breakage. The diet for such women should consists of healthy fats and leafy green vegetables that are good at offering the fuel required by their body for producing protein building blocks and keratin for strong hair. Nutritious food for the body ensures that the body possesses the fuel needed for maintaining the significant organ systems and the secondary production system like the ones that produce keratin for the hair. Alternatively, making wrong food choices can slow down hair growth in American women because their body does not have the fuel required for essential functions.

Cleansing the Scalp

It is very important for American women to cleanse their scalp on a regular basis. Whether due to the mis-information or cultural traditions, American women are of the view that it is always better to get a hair wash once every two weeks or less. American women getting professional perms are generally asked to follow up with their hair stylists in two weeks for a hair wash along with hair conditioning and setting. Nevertheless, this does not meant that they should go two weeks without washing their hair. It is important to cleanse the scalp at least twice during the week for keeping it in perfect health. American women should make it a point to wash their hair twice during the week.

Using Supplements that are Hair-Friendly

Chemical products can take a toll on American hair quality. Therefore, American women should always avoid the use of chemical products. They must avoid the use if dyes, texturizers and relaxers. Instead, American women should go for multivitamin supplements that can give their body the boost of important nutrients that can help in hair growth.

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