Horsetail – A Wonderful Hair Supplement

Do not get confused by the usual name of this living fossil. Horsetail is a perennial grass that is set apart from the usual horse’s tail because of the different medicinal properties that it possesses. Horsetail or equisetum is a sterile and thin plant that comes from the vascular plant family. It resembles alfalfa in its appearance and reproduces by spores in place of the seeds. Horsetail is also called Pewterwort due to the fact that it is used in pewter work and in polishing wood. Yet another name of horsetail is Scouring Rush as it is used for scouring metal pots. Roman, Chinese and Ancient Greeks herbalists have long used horsetail for the medicinal benefits that it offers. It is very popular for its healing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties that make it one of the most useful plants.

Hair Care Using Horsetail

The leaves of horsetail are used in the form of a soft green dye that is widely used throughout the industry for cosmetics and specifically in manufacturing shampoos. The rich blend of organic compounds and minerals in horsetail make it one of the most popular hair supplements that help in improving the health of hair and in strengthening hair. Hair can be strengthened, hair loss can be reduced and the shine and luster of hair can be boosted by making use of horsetail as a hair supplement.

The Benefits of Horsetail When Used as a Hair Supplement

The herb called horsetail is effective in curing several hair issues including dandruff and baldness. Some of the greatest benefits rendered by horsetail when used in the form of a hair supplement are as follows:

Promotes the Growth of Healthy hair

Horsetail not only cures baldness, but also helps in promoting the growth of healthy hair. It is a very beautiful herb that can stimulate the growth of healthy hair when taken in the form of a supplement. Horsetail herb can be mixed in water and used for rinsing the hair while taking bath. This helps in the growth of healthy hair. It is to be noted that horsetail can also be mixed with coconut oil or extra virgin oil and used for massaging the scalp regularly. This also promotes the growth of dense and healthy hair.

Cures Split Ends and Dandruff

Dandruff is a very stubborn hair problem forcing people to make use of different varieties of anti-dandruff products like oils and shampoos. Horsetail consists of silica that works in the form of an effective treatment for hair problems such as split ends and dandruff. Horsetail is a natural hair care supplement that can make the hair look beautiful and healthy without any side effects.

Works in the Form of an Organic Conditioner

Horsetail can also be used in the form of an organic conditioner for conditioning the hair on a regular basis. This helps in making hair shiny and soft. Say goodbye to frizzy and dry hair by using horsetail hair supplement that gives you long luscious hair.

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