How to Make the Hair Follicles Stronger?

Hair loss can have a negative effect on both men and women and this goes special when the condition seems to be getting worse day by day. Fortunately, even when there are several factors resulting in hair loss, there are products that can be used for reversing this condition. Hair loss or hair growth is related to hair follicles and therefore whatever product or supplement you are using for hair growth or for preventing hair loss should be aimed towards treating the hair follicles. You must look for products or supplements that strengthen the hair follicles. However, prior to understanding the right procedure of strengthening the hair follicles, you must first try to understand what are hair follicles and how do they promote strong and healthy hair?

What are Hair Follicles?

Hair follicles or hair roots are basically tiny sacs that are found in the second layer of the skin known as epidermis. It is this layer of skin that produces hair. Nourished and well-hydrated hair follicles are nutrient-rich and they form luscious, healthy and strong hair strands. On the other hand, poorly nourished, dehydrated and heat-damaged hair follicles are weak and they produce lack-luster, thin hair strands that eventually fall off. So, what are the steps that you need to take in order to make the hair follicles stronger? We will have a look below:

Step 1

First of all, you must have foods that are rich in their content of iron. Such foods include beans, legumes, dark vegetables and lean red meat. You also have the option of taking iron supplements. It is important for you to take iron-rich foods or iron supplements because iron carries oxygen to the hair follicles and lack of oxygen can weaken the hair follicles.

Step 2

It is also important for you to include foods rich in zinc in your diet. Zinc is generally found in large quantities in meat and seafood. It helps in strengthening the hair follicles due to the fact that it binds proteins and builds strong strands of hair. Zinc is also of good help in supporting the oil glands that offer hair protection. You must always aim at getting around 11 mg of zinc daily. This is due to the fact that excessive amounts of zinc can disturb the procedure of mineral absorption which is essential for healthy hair.

Step 3

Diets that are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E are also effective in strengthening the hair follicles. These vitamins can be achieved by having different varieties of vegetables and fruits along with healthy fats like olive oil and avocados. Vegetables and fruits also help in keeping the body hydrated.

Step 4

Try consuming foods that are high in their protein content like chicken, turkey, low-fat dairy and eggs. Proteins help in strengthening the hair follicles and in making hair healthier.


Last but not the least, you must take good care of your hair and always try using natural products for strengthening the hair follicles.

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