Lysine supplements and hair loss prevention

Lysine is an important amino acid, which plays a major role when it comes to the production of enzymes, hormones, antibodies. It can prevent hair fall, baldness and promote hair growth. Lysine supplements for hair loss prevention are beneficial for both men and women. The essential amino acid is not produced by the body and thus you need to take dietary supplements. If you are suffering from hair loss, the only thing you can do is administer vitamin supplement. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals lead to hair fall. As collagen which is the protein to support the structure of the hair is reliant on lysine, any lack of lysine will cause hair fall. Thus, hair loss and lysine are very much interrelated. Those who suffer from hair breakage or hair condition like alopecia, they have insufficient lysine. Lysine also helps in blocking the enzyme that causes baldness and thinning of hair. Thus, you need to consider lysine supplement if you want to stop hair fall altogether.

Lysine helps in collagen formation

As already stated, collagen forms the basic structure of the hair just like keratin and so any deficiency of such proteins might lead to hair fall. But, collagen formation is reliant on Lysine. Lysine helps in strengthening the hair by triggering collagen production as it absorbs calcium, the vital mineral. Calcium is another major ingredient which helps in the production of collagen in the skin, the nails and hair. If there is lack of Lysine, it slackens the production of collagen. To avoid androgenetic alopecia, you may use Lysine supplement like L-lysine. It can control male pattern baldness and restrict hair loss.

The working of lysine supplements for hair loss

Lysine is the amino acid which is found in most of the food items. Lysine supplements or lysine in pill form can assist the body to produce vital hormones and antibodies that can help in the successful treatment of male pattern baldness. Pattern baldness is more common among males than females. Female hair loss can start from the age of 50 years but in males it starts earlier. L-Lysine is the lysine supplement which can address certain kinds of hair loss in females.

Chief sources of Lysine

L-Lysine amino acid is found in certain food items like whole grains, legumes and fish. Regular intake of L-Lysine is necessary and anything between 1-1.5g is considered healthy dose of lysine. If there is deficiency of lysine, there can be weight loss, hair loss, enzyme disorder or anemia. Lysine supplement can also help one recover from injury, surgery and allow the body to rebuild muscles, help calcium absorption, zinc and iron absorption.

L-Lysine for the treatment of hair fall

Some studies reveal that the leading cause of hair loss in women is a deficiency of iron. It is lysine supplement which can help the absorption of iron and assist in hair growth.

It is good to intake L-Lysine to prevent hair fall but any excessive dosage of the amino acid might show side effects in the form of difficulty breathing, hives and swelling. However, L-Lysine supplement is FDA approved and can be used with ease.

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