Names of Minerals and Vitamins That Really Help in Hair Loss Prevention

Several studies have proven the fact that there are a large number of men and women suffering from baldness and hair thinning. There are more and more individuals across the world suffering from hair loss at an early stage in life. Researchers are of the view that hair loss is hereditary, but the main question here is hair loss prevention. Hair loss prevention is a procedure that involves the use of different methods and techniques. There are some popular techniques that do work but they are quite expensive and also come with negative effects. Therefore, it is necessary for people to go for natural vitamins and minerals that can help in preventing hair loss. Proper nutrition is necessary for keeping hair health intact.

The Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals in Hair Loss Prevention

It is not only the human body that require minerals and vitamins for supporting certain functions, but the hair follicles also need them for promoting the growth of healthy hair and for preventing hair loss. Nevertheless, it is very important to check nutritional labels prior to taking hair loss supplements for determining your regular allowance. An overdose of minerals and vitamins is always possible and it can result in hair loss and various other health problems. Supplementing with the right minerals and vitamins offers the body the required nutrients for stimulating hair growth. These days people are not able to get the required minerals and vitamins from food and therefore supplementing becomes important for such people. The names of minerals and vitamins that can really help in hair loss prevention have been provided below:

Vitamin A

Preformed vitamin A or the retinol form of vitamin A is found in different animal sources like egg yolks, liver, cod liver oil, cheese, butter and whole milk. It should not be confused with beta carotene which is also called pro-vitamin A and is found in sweet potatoes, carrots and collard greens. Vitamin A has beneficial effects on hair. This vitamin works on hair by combating dryness and lubricating the scalp towards producing shiny and glossy locks. It is to be noted that an overdose of vitamin A can result in itchy skin and hair loss.


Copper is needed for the formation of red blood, iron metabolism and various other bodily functions. Copper also has an important role to play in hair follicle stimulation. It is wise to take copper in small quantities rather that going for excess of this mineral that can have detrimental effects like disorder of the nervous system, mental illness, anxiety, hair loss and depression.


Selenium is also one of the most important minerals needed for preventing hair loss. It works in the form of an antioxidant and helps ion promoting the growth of healthy hair. It also helps in keeping the hair soft and supple. It is worth noting that selenium works as one of the most effective anti-dandruff agents.


The names of other minerals and vitamins that can really be of good help in preventing hair loss include biotin, iodine, Inositol, niacin, iron, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B5, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, sulfur and silica.

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