Protein Pills for Shiny Hair

Eating right helps in keeping the body healthy and at the same time it also helps in keeping the hair healthy. Not getting sufficient minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and protein might impair the health of your hair and even promote hair thinning and hair loss. Evidences available in this field indicate that the use of protein pills can help in improving hair health. However, it is necessary to take the advice of a health care specialist prior to taking protein pills.

Over-the-Counter Protein Pills for Restoring Hair Health

On paying a visit to the local vitamin store, you will definitely come across different nutrition supplements that are specifically formulated for improving the health of the hair. Sources of proteins in these hair growth supplements might vary and might also include individual fish protein, soy and amino acids. Besides the protein content, the supplements might also consist of various other nutrients like MSM or methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin C and A, copper, B vitamins, biotin and various other minerals and vitamins.

Marine Protein for promoting Hair Growth

Evidence indicates that protein pills that come with a blend of mollusk and shark powder might help in improving hair health. Studies published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology identified the impact of this marine protein on the hair health of some women with hair thinning condition. The studies found that this supplement helped in improving hair health and in preventing hair loss. Other studies published in Dermatology Research and Practice indicated similar results from the use of marine protein supplement.  Not to mention that the supplement also consisted of silica derived from horsetail along with vitamin C. Therefore, the amount of benefit received from the supplement itself remains a vague concept. While studies conducted on the subject of using marine protein supplement for hair health prove the fact that protein from shellfish and sharks do improve hair health, it might not be possible to get hold of this specific protein in the over-the-counter protein pills available throughout the market.

Factors to Consider

While protein pills are genuinely effective in improving hair health and in offering the hair a glossy and shiny texture and appearance, there are always chances of certain allergic reactions with the intake of such pills. Though they contain the essential nutrients needed for hair growth and hair beauty, individuals considering these oils as an option must be careful while taking them. They must always consult a doctor prior to taking these pills and especially the ones that contain marine based proteins. This is because shellfish and fish are two common food allergens. They might also have a negative effect on hair resulting in excessive hair loss. This happens in individuals who take these pills in spite of the fact that they do not suffer from any nutritional deficiencies.

The Bottom Line

If protein pills work for your hair without causing any problems then they are worth using but avoid the long-term use of these pills.

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