Role of smoking and stress in excessive hair loss

Stress is something which each of us has to live with. Stress is the fact of life, but it has beneficial effects like making us more goal-oriented and keeping us focused on what we are doing. Without a bit of stress in life, we cannot be successful. Thus, a little bit of stress is fine but an excess of it can be detrimental for the health. Stress can affect us both physiologically and psychologically. Perhaps the most annoying impact of extreme stress is Telogen Effluvium, a condition related to hair, characterized by thinning hair.

Stress and its relation to hair loss

One study reveals that stress does not directly impact our physical well being. So, if you are stressed out, you cannot expect your hair strands to pop off. But, when someone is stressed, he/she falls to the prey of bad habits that lead to hair fall. Such personal habits are the impact of stress. If you can deal with the personal habits and avoid them altogether, you may minimize hair loss related to stress. One of the bad habits is smoking. To cope with stress, people pick up bad habits and turn to vices. Cigarettes are an instant relaxants, readily available both online and offline. People suffering from high level of stress, they get overindulged with cigarettes to get over with the period of stress. Whether you smoke moderately or consume too much tobacco, both have high health risks. You might have noticed that chain smokers have yellow teeth, thin hair and yellow nails. Hair loss is an inevitable result of overindulgence in smokes or booze. The best remedy to prevent hair loss is to give up tobacco. If it is not possible to leave smoking altogether, you may cut back a bit and slowly and gradually leave the habit.

Smoking due to stress can lead to hair loss

Smoking is directly related to hair fall, baldness and thinning hair. Tobacco reduces blood circulation to the extremity, impacts liver and pollutes the blood. Smoking can also clog the pores of the scalp when it gets combined with sebum. It is important to quit smoking not just because you want to prevent hair loss but it can severely affect DTH.

Smoke is the leading cause of hair loss

As per the recent studies, people who reside in industrial areas are more prone to suffering hair related problems. Those who live in polluted areas experience more of hair loss. So, you can just imagine what can happen when you are directly inhaling the smoke. Smoking can pollute your lungs and cause a series of health conditions.

The relation between stress, smoking and hair loss

Smoking leads to hair loss as it disrupts circulation and deprives hair follicles from getting the right amount of nutrients, minerals and oxygen that are needed for healthy hair growth. The worst part is that it destroys the hair follicles altogether by preventing the circulation of blood towards the scalp that actually carry the nutrients and minerals.

Smoking contributes to hair loss and this is now an established fact. You need to discipline yourself and just quit smoking for optimum health and wellbeing.

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