The role of biotin supplements in hair loss prevention

Also called Vitamin H, biotin is Vitamin B Complex occurring naturally in various kinds of foods. Biotin helps to metabolize amino acids and fatty acids. It helps in the conversion of food into energy. Derived from Greek word ‘biotos’, biotin implies ‘life’ and ‘sustenance’. Biotin or B vitamins can pave the way for healthy skin, hair, nails. During pregnancy, biotin is the crucial nutrient as it assists in embryonic growth. There are many who get an adequate dosage of biotin from the food they eat while others need to intake supplements to keep the hair healthy. Eating a balanced diet is the only way to have biotin in adequate amount. It can help regulate blood sugar level while promoting healthy skin, hair and nails.

Biotin deficiency and thinning hair

Biotin can stabilize blood sugar level while any deficiency of biotin is characterized by the symptoms like hair breakage, hair loss, brittle and cracked nails. Extra intake of biotin can promote healthier hair. Indeed, hair growth and biotin are very closely related. It prevents hair breakage, hair thinning and can add bounce and shine to the hair. Biotin supplement is also known to increase elasticity of hair cortex to restrict hair breakage. So, we can say that biotin supplement can induce the growth of new skin cells and hair. If you are suffering from unhealthy hair or hair loss, you may intake biotin supplement to grow healthier, longer and shinier hair.

Should you consider biotin supplement for hair growth?

Biotin deficiency is not common among people but it may develop in the individuals who eat raw egg white in large quantities or those who consume too much of alcohol. Biotin supplement is important to consider when there is the instance of genetic disorders, seborrheic dermatisis among infants. Deficiency of biotin can lead to red scaly rashes, hair breakage and thinning hair. There can be tingling sensation in the legs, arms, and instances of depression are also noticed. Thus, it is important to consider biotin supplement.

How much of biotin supplement to intake?

Whether you are an adolescent or adult, the daily dosage of 30-100 mcg biotin per day must be consumed. As biotin is water soluble, any excess biotin will get eliminated from the body by way of urination. However, too much of biotin can cause nausea and other side effects. To maintain healthy hair, nails and skin, you may intake 50mcg of biotin regularly. But, if you suffer from thinning hair, baldness, you need to intake 500-600mcg of biotin. The amount may also be increased to 1000 mcg as per the needs. It is important to intake biotin for 5-6 months time.

Some of the natural sources of biotin

You can also avoid biotin supplement and eat foods that are rich in biotin. They are egg yolk, nut butter, nuts like peanuts, almonds, walnuts. Bananas and mushroom are also rich sources of biotin.

If you want to have healthy, thick and shiny hair, it is important to ensure that you intake adequate amount of biotin. Biotin is necessary for the natural functioning of the body.

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