What are the reasons of hair loss?

Do you notice black furry ball or clumps of hair on the brush after you have combed the hair? Do you see receding hairline in your recent photographs? These are sure shot signs of hair loss that may lead to baldness if nothing is done. If you are wondering why is this happening, get to know the reasons for hair loss in the below section.

Stress: the leading cause of hair loss

Hectic and fast paced lifestyle can drain out a lot of energy from the body and lead to undue stress and tension. Stress is responsible for a range of health problems right from mild headache, migraine to major heart ailments. Those who are stressed out, they lose hair very rapidly.

Family history of hair loss

Hair loss is also genetic at times. If there is family history of hair loss, receding hairline or baldness, there is nothing much that you can do. You can only make certain lifestyle changes, eat properly to avoid further loss of hair.

An excessive use of hair styling tools

Blow drying the hair after shower might seem easier but it can harm your tresses. Regularly blow drying the tresses can lead to hair loss. Apart from this, styling treatments like frequent curling, hair straightening can cause hair loss.

Change in the hormonal level

If there is fluctuation in the hormonal levels as during pregnancy, it can contribute to massive hair loss. Some of the other causes may be menopause, hormonal imbalance and thyroid related conditions.

The use of chemical based hair products

If you use shampoos, conditioners almost regularly and they are chemical based, you will lose hair. Whether it is hair oil, shampoo or conditioner, they are loaded with chemicals. Most cosmetic products available in the market are chemical loaded and thus one cannot trust them. They can weaken the hair shaft, make your hair dry, lifeless and prone to split ends.

Junk food and hair loss

Junk food is responsible for a variety of health conditions and ailments. Junk foods are only delicious to eat but they do not offer nutrients to the body. If you live on junk foods, it can lead to nutritional deficiency. People who have poor dietary habits, they are more prone to suffer from hair loss.

Bad weather conditions

Although the air conditioner in your home or office provides utmost comfort but it may harm your tresses. Hair is fragile and more susceptible to damage and thus it responds negatively to atmospheric changes. To restrict hair fall, you must not subject your hair to temperature changes.

Gender also influences the hair

Women tend to lose the hair uniformly but men lose it in distinctive pattern, causing receding hairline. Auto immune condition can also lead to hair loss, causing baldness.

Lack of sleep and other reasons

Narcolepsy, insomnia can cause dark circles but it can also lead to hairloss. 8 hours of sleep is important.

Certain kinds of medications

Certain kinds of medications can cause hair loss. For example, chemotherapy causes severe hair loss.

So, we can say that there can be various reasons for hair loss. You must use hair care products that are natural and not chemical loaded.

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