What are the side effects of supplements for hair loss?

To promote strong nails, healthy hair, clear skin, people use vitamin supplements. Some of the best supplements for hair loss are inexpensive and may easily be added to the diet. Although the benefits of supplements are well-documented but still there are concerns about side effects. Most of the vitamin blend comprises dosages that exceed the recommended value. If you intake anything in excess, it is sure to cause side effects. Hair loss supplements do have side effects but you may still avoid them. Let us check out a few side effects.

Side effects of biotin, the water soluble supplement

Biotin, the water soluble vitamin may be found in food items such as whole grains, eggs, dried fruits, sardines, almonds, cow’s milk, etc. B7 or Biotin is known for promoting hair growth but any excess intake of biotin can show side effects. There can be medical complications and thus it is important to study the biotin supplement to avoid the side effects. The following are some of them:

•    Too much biotin supplement intake may lead to cystic acne. Since the vitamin increases the production of sebum, there will be dirt accumulation and skin eruption.

•    There can be allergic reactions as a result of biotin. You may feel a swelling on the face, throat and experience nausea.

•    Pregnant ladies must not take biotin supplement as it increases the risk of miscarriage. Before taking any of the supplements, take suggestion from your doctor.

•    High dosage of biotin can increase your need to urinate more. Too much of biotin consumption can cause excessive sweating.

•    There can be instances of nausea and diarrhea.

Side effects of Vitamin A

In most skin, hair and nail supplement, you will find the blend of Vitamin A. Vitamin A can strengthen the soft tissues and skin tissue but consuming a large amount of Vitamin A can lead to skeletal problems, can slacken the bone rebuilding process and increase the chance of osteoporosis.

Birth defects as a result of excessive Vitamin A in the system

Women who are expecting, they must avoid Vitamin A. Women who consume too much of Vitamin A may cause serious birth problems. Some of them include heart malformations and hydrocephalus.

Iron supplement may lead to nausea

Iron is great for the skin, hair and nails as it facilitates the formation of RBC or Red Blood Cells. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, dark circles and pale skin. But, any excessive intake of iron supplement can cause stomach upset. Vitamin pills must never be taken on an empty stomach.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E can lead to blurred vision

Vitamin E is known for healthy hair and is topical oil. But, prolonged usage of Vitamin E may cause blurred vision. There may be loss of visual sharpness and proper vision. Vitamin A, C, E are vital for health but an excess intake of such vitamins may harm your health.

It is always good to approach a doctor if you are suffering hair loss. For instance, Vitamin E overdose may cause lack of energy and sluggishness. Only when you take recommended dosage, the risk of side effect is minimized.

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