What are the top 5 supplements for thinning hair in women?

Thinning hair is the serious problem faced by several women across the globe. Any change in the hormonal level, stress, tension and worry, poor dietary habits and genetic factors conspire against our beautiful tresses to cause hair fall. Health issues such as thyroid conditions, reactions to chemotherapy, serious illness, side effects of steroids or other kinds of medications, malnutrition and pregnancy may cause severe hair loss in women. Known as alopecia, hair loss, baldness and thinning hair may happen to women, men and children alike.  However, women can intake vitamin supplements to maintain optimum health and reverse the cycle of thinning hair. There are many women who are depressed by thinning hair as that affects how they look. Hair growth supplements may be administered in this respect.

Vitamin B to stop hair loss altogether

B Vitamin is important to consider if you wish to maintain the health of your crowning glory. B3 or Niacin, in particular, can improve circulation of blood towards the scalp and thus stimulate hair growth. You may increase your intake of Niacin by consuming food items like peanuts, beans, whole grains, chicken, fish, etc. B6 is another vitamin to stop hair fall. B6 or Pyridoxine may keep the color of the hair intact and is found in items like eggs, meats, green vegetables, cereals and liver. Biotin or B complex having Keratin can boost the growth of hair. Keratin can regenerate the hair and stop hair loss. Start eating walnuts, soybeans, rice, eggs, seeds, sunflower and liver. Buy a hair care product which has keratin.

Vitamin C for shiny hair

Vitamin C is a fabulous way to promote blood circulation towards the scalp. It promotes hair regeneration and is mostly found in citrus fruits and red peppers. By generating collagen, Vitamin C can improve the shine and bounce in your hair.

Vitamin E

This is another hair vitamin supplement which promotes blood circulation towards the scalp. Food items rich in Vitamin E are vegetable oils, soy beans, wheat germ, green vegetables, eggs.

Folic Acid for hair rejuvenation

Folic acid is one such supplement which encourages the growth of cells while assisting in hair rejuvenation. Taking folic acid supplement will prevent hair fall to do away with thinning hair. Soybeans and nuts are rich in folic acid.

Zinc supplement to help in hair repair and cell reproduction

Zinc is the most essential vitamin supplement for those women suffering from thinning hair. Zinc directly prevents hair loss, aids in cell reproduction, promotes the growth of tissues and helps in repairing damaged hair. It helps in vitamin absorption and allows your hair to grow continuously. You may start eating eggs, shellfish, peanuts, lamb, oysters, yeast to promote hair growth.

The above mentioned top 5 vitamins can definitely help you out and stop hair fall. But, it is wise to get in touch with a trichologist who can help diagnose the exact cause of thinning hair and hair fall. If significant amount of hair fall has already take place, get in touch with a doctor.

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