Zinc and selenium supplements for preventing hair loss

Are you suffering from hair loss and thinning hair? If so, it can be due to deficiency of zinc and selenium in your diet. Zinc being the trace element in our body is important for biochemical processes. There are many essential processes that depend on zinc such as cellular production, cell reproduction, regulation of hormonal levels, better absorption of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. When the level of zinc in the body is not sufficient, the condition of zinc deficiency is found out. Any deficiency of Vitamin A and Vitamin D actually leads to deficiency of Zinc. The obvious sign of zinc deficiency is hair loss. Similar to zinc, selenium is a trace mineral acting as antioxidant. If there is deficiency of selenium, the condition might lead to thyroid imbalance, autoimmune disorder, lower immune functioning. It is selenium, which promotes healthy hair growth and any deficiency of selenium will cause hair loss. You may either consume zinc and selenium rich diet or administer zinc and selenium supplements to stop hair fall.

What are the sources of selenium?

Whether it is zinc, selenium or any other vitamin, you cannot cross the upper level or move below the lower levels. When it comes to selenium, an adult needs to intake 55mcg of selenium. However, anything more than 400mcg level can again cause selenosis, a condition characterized by toxicity due to high blood levels and again hair loss. If you are deficient in selenium, you may use selenium supplements or start eating food items rich in selenium like shellfish, Brazil nuts, fish, sardines, beef, chicken, eggs. Supplementation must be considered only when there is mal-absorption or excessive deficiency.

How can zinc supplement promote hair growth?

There are various reasons why our bodies need zinc. Zinc helps in building fresh and healthy cells. It regulates hormonal levels, aids in the better absorption of other nutrients and minerals. As the hormonal levels get regulated, zinc prevents hair loss to promote hair growth. However, you cannot intake excess of zinc. High level of zinc can also lead to thinning hair. Deficiency of zinc weakens the very structure of hair follicles. So, when the structural integrity is affected, hairs tend to fall off easily.

Increase the intake of zinc

Whether it is zinc or selenium, you cannot take them in excess. The best way to ensure that you get the right amount of vitamins is by using zinc and selenium supplements for preventing hair loss. If the condition is not that severe, you may start getting enough of zinc through the food items. To increase the intake of zinc, you may start eating poultry, red meats, wheat germ, liver, egg yolks, soy products, pumpkin seeds.

Selenium and zinc supplements for hair growth

There are a lot many zinc and selenium supplements available in the market. They can reduce dandruff, boost hair growth and even destroy the fungus called Malassezia. Both vitamins are highly recommended by doctors for hair loss, hair thinning.

Zinc and selenium supplements are needed for promoting hair growth and for the proper functioning of hormones. They can be used to treat a variety of hair problems like hair loss, dandruff and gray hair.

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